The comprehensive range of materials are based on a syllabus of 125 lessons which are designed to be applied over a five year cycle. This five year cycle covers the Bible’s history, provides the backbone to the story of the Bible and covers the major principles and doctrines which are essential for salvation. The materials are systematic and follow the Bible account chronologically, thus giving students a solid foundation to build upon. By following this system a scholar in their Sunday School life will generally cover the Bible at least 2 to 3 times, firstly at a basic level and then secondly at a more advanced level as scholars prepare for Baptism into the Lord Jesus Christ. This systematic and orderly approach provides a firm footing for developing children as a Heritage unto Yahweh and living a life in Christ.


The five stages are to the general theme of “The Kingdom” and follow the Bible account as follows:

Stage 1. The Preparation of the Kingdom, Creation to Sinai (Genesis 1 – Numbers 10)
Stage 2. The Establishment of the Kingdom, Sinai to Promises to David (Numbers 11-2 Samuel 11)
Stage 3. The Glory and Decline of the Kingdom, Promises to David to Birth of Christ (2 Samuel 12- Matthew 3)
Stage 4. The Royal Majesty of the Kingdom, Birth of Christ to Resurrection (Matthew 4 – John 21)
Stage 5. The Good News of the Kingdom, Resurrection to Christ’s coming (Acts 1- Revelation)



It has been proven for many years that scholars who have followed this structured and logical approach have become well acquainted with the pattern and account of the Bible record as well as have a solid grasp of Bible principles and sound teachings which are based upon the Scriptures of Truth. Scholars remain interested and are challenged to make the Bible a living part of the personal lives with well presented and interesting materials which enable both teachers and scholars to be stimulated and enthused in God’s purpose.

We have been blessed with many who have benefited from this system and commend the use of it to all as we prepare a people for His Name.


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