There are two small booklets published by CSSA which give suggestions to help with the work of Sunday School.

A great work and how to do it (See file below)

This booklet is a guide to encourage and guide teachers in their important role in the school.

Topics include:

  • The value of the work
  • The object of our teaching efforts
  • The background preparation
  • Preparation of the lesson
  • Things to remember
  • Presenting the lesson

A Great Work (PDF)

Guidelines to good projects (See file below)

This booklet gives a good overview to the place of projects in Sunday School and includes information relevant for superintendents, teachers, students and parents alike.

Topics include:

  • Why Have Projects Too?
  • How Projects are Developed
  • The Use of Projects for Homework
  • How Projects are Marked?
  • Materials and How to Use Them
  • Help – From Whom and How Much
  • Help From the Teacher
  • How Important is the Cover?
  • Good Prizes for Good Projects – Why?

Under review (PDF)