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Life of Christ CDs (4CDs)

$32.50 (AUD)

This work comprising some 197 studies and 210 hours of speaking is the labour of love of our Bro John Martin presented over 15 years

Label Ecclesial (100)

$12.00 (AUD)

These labels are suitable for Ecclesial Awards and incentive prizes and are designed to stick in the front cover of books.  They come in packs of 100.


$8.80 (AUD)

This is an excellent booklet written by Bro Robert Roberts.  It is divided into two sections.  One is for children under 8 years old and contains a large range of questions and answers.  The other section is suitable for 8 years and over and contains more complex questions, answers and Bible proofs.

Hymn Book – Music – Hard Cover

$11.80 (AUD)

This is a book of hymns for young people and covers a wide range of subjects including praise to God and also hymns specifically relevant to some of the lessons.  The format is a hard cover book and contains the words and music.  There is a small booklet also available from CSSA which contains the words only.


$3.90 (AUD)

These diaries are a useful way for teachers to record homework requirements for their students.