Stage 5 Activity Sheets

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Junior Bible Worksheets Stage 5

$5.65 (AUD)

The Junior Activity Sheets complement the Lesson Notes for Stage 5. There is at least one A4 page dedicated to each lesson and they include a variety of activities including word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes etc. There is also a Junior Bible Research section for some lessons which contains an activity designed for the 11-12 year olds.

Family Bible Studies Stage 5

$5.65 (AUD)

The Family Bible Studies are a valuable tool that complement the lessons notes. They contain a variety of information including verse by verse notes of some Biblical references, word studies, maps, charts, and interesting information regarding the places, customs etc of the times. They are suitable for scholars in the Intermediate and Senior age groups. We also suggest you use them to assist your Family Bible study times together.

Primary Activity Sheets Stage 5

$5.65 (AUD)

The Primary project is a book containing 10 pages for the children to colour and complete. There is a range of simple craft and other activities and a list of clear instructions at the back of the project. Projects are designed to help the children remember their lessons and also encourages neat work that will one day assist them with Bible marking.