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Exam Materials Stage 3

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Exam Materials Stage 2

Life of Christ CDs (4CDs)

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This work comprising some 197 studies and 210 hours of speaking is the labour of love of our Bro John Martin presented over 15 years commencing in 1986 at Glenlock Bible Camp and continuing at the Enfield Ecclesia until September 2001.  This outstanding study, the most comprehensive of our Bro John’s, is devoted to assist others to be more like Christ and to encourage all to search the issues of life as taught and manifested by our Master.  We express our sincere thanks to our Bro John for making this work available to as many as have ears to hear and eyes to see.  This MP3 CD set is NOT TO BE COPIED other than for the personal use of the purchaser on one computer or MP3 player. We need to be without reproach in this matter.  The CD set funds the advancement of the Truth for both Bible Mission and Australasian Youth Conference work.  Your support is appreciated.