The roles of Superintendents and teachers are very important in creating a Godly learning environment for Sunday School children.

Teachers spend time each week reading the next lesson, preparing activities, setting and marking homework. For younger children it is important for teachers to think simply and creatively to ensure the lesson is easily remembered. For the older children it is important for the teacher to carefully read the lesson, doing some personal study if necessary to ensure a thorough understanding. If time and effort is put into preparing the lesson, rewards will be noticed as the children enjoy taking in the message God has left on record for us. Under Suggestions for Teachers we have many ideas and recommendations to help in this important work.

Superintendents are responsible for the smooth running of the Sunday School, for organising classes and teachers, resources, Prize Nights, and many other things. It is important for Sunday School to begin on time and for the children to be well behaved to ensure the time allocated each week is beneficial for everyone.

Please remember if you have any suggestions or contributions to share email them to the CSSA Secretary and we would be most appreciative.